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Zachary Locklin on the Moe Green Poetry Hour!

FLYMF’s Greatest Hits contributor Zachary Locklin is now appearing on blogtalkradio’s  Moe Green Poetry Hour. He’s doing a reading and talking about his work with poet Joseph Ross and host Rafael F.J. Alvarado. You can tune in now or listen to the stream later.

Zach just plugged FLYMF’s Greatest Hits! Thanks Zach!

His story for FLYMF’s Greatest Hits is I Am A Conservationist, which is very funny. Zach also had a story, “All the Hurt You Have Caused and Will Cause to Others,” published in the July 2008 issue of Magnapoets.


FLYMF alum Stefan Schumacher pulls a nice burn on in-the-process-of-being-disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich in the Chicago Tribune. (I would like to point out, for posterity, that I identified Blagojevich as a scumbag during his first run in 2002. I even voted Republican, people!)

Quoting Stefan:

Following Elvis’ lyrics closely

Gov. Blagojevich is all shook up. He’s the devil in the disguise. He’s a fool who rushed in. And soon he’ll be doing the jailhouse rock.

–Stefan Schumacher

Des Plaines

Stefan’s work for FLYMF included I Love My Dingy Poppers.

J.D. Smith, “The Best Mariachi in the World”

FLYMF contributor J.D. Smith has penned a children’s book, “The Best Mariachi in the World.” The story, illustrated by Dani Jones, is summed up as follows:

Everyone in Gustavo’s family is in a mariachi band . . .

Everyone except Gustavo, that is. They all play violines, trompetas and guitarrones. They all make wonderful music in restaurants and at wedding parties. Gustavo would love to join the band, but he can’t play any of the instruments. What’s a wannabe mariachi to do? Follow Gustavo as he finds his place in the family mariachi band.

On his Amazon blog, J.D. relates that he wrote the book 10 years ago while on his morning commute (luckily for the pedestrians who might otherwise have been mauled, Smith lives in Washington D.C., which has an excellent public transit system). The book is available in English, Spanish, and bilingual versions, making it a perfect gift for young ones interested in some language-bending. Check it out today!

J.D.’s work for FLYMF includes The Great Tuvalu Liquidation Sale and…uh, other titles that aren’t entirely fitting to be associated with a children’s book. But you can visit our contributor’s archive and browse down to find them yourself.

Illegal Use of Joe Zopp is Here!

All in all, it’s a pretty good story. A group of friends grow up together in a small Wisconsin town, graduate from high school and then college, and start following their own career paths. One gets a job in insurance; another works for a software company. Some stay at home; some move away. My buddy Nick Holle, co-founder of FLYMF, makes it all the way to Los Angeles, where we attend the Professional Writing Program at USC together.

A couple years down the road, though, they start to get the itch. They want to do something. So they chat on a message board they’ve set up, kicking around one idea after another, and finally they come up with a movie. The concept: “a child prodigy turned social outcast returns to his hometown to investigate the circumstances of his own death.”

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Jeanne Cook Blogs at Scrivel.com

FLYMF contributor Jeanne Cook has been regularly contributing pieces to the collaborative humor blog Scrivel.com. Under the penname The Great Corrupter, she uses a fun, irreverent voice to engage topics ranging from baseball to weaponized temper tantrums to the very special occasion of a group of Catholic-girls-school college students visiting a porno theater for the first time. Check it out!

Jeanne’s pieces for FLYMF include Earmuffs, Pet Psyches and Fun With Nuns.