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Immigrant in U.S. Custody Ignored to Death

What the hell is wrong with our country? From the New York Times:

 In April, Mr. Ng began complaining of excruciating back pain. By mid-July, he could no longer walk or stand. And last Wednesday, two days after his 34th birthday, he died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a Rhode Island hospital, his spine fractured and his body riddled with cancer that had gone undiagnosed and untreated for months

In federal court affidavits, Mr. Ng’s lawyers contend that when he complained of severe pain that did not respond to analgesics, and grew too weak to walk or even stand to call his family from a detention pay phone, officials accused him of faking his condition. They denied him a wheelchair and refused pleas for an independent medical evaluation.

Instead, the affidavits say, guards at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, R.I., dragged him from his bed on July 30, carried him in shackles to a car, bruising his arms and legs, and drove him two hours to a federal lockup in Hartford, where an immigration officer pressured him to withdraw all pending appeals of his case and accept deportation.

A political party has seen fit to unleash our collective lizard brain for political gain. Many more monstrous things are sure to happen as a result.

Dana Weiser’s Explorations of Identity

Friend and artist Dana Weiser has launched a new website showcasing her work. She uses the medium of sculpture—particularly porcelain—to explore the complexities of immigration, assimilation and adoption in the United States.

Her artist statement says:

“I have experimented with different ways of approaching social integration of identity issues. I have explored issues of lost identity, double identity and racial identity. I have looked at the history of stereotypes of Asian Americans to have an understanding of the stereotypes of today; I have created curious abstractions to reflect issues of ethnicity.”

The results are thought provoking and well crafted; they are certainly well worth a look.

Putting Out The Unwelcome Mat

Blanche DuBois would have a tough time (well, an even tougher time) in modern America, as kindness to strangers doesn’t seem to be much of a motivating factor for anyone anymore. As the New York Times reports, an Italian man coming to the United States to visit his girlfriend received the common Customs response of being treated like a criminal for no reason:

But on April 29, when Mr. Salerno, 35, presented his passport at Washington Dulles International Airport, a Customs and Border Protection agent refused to let him into the United States. And after hours of questioning, agents would not let him travel back to Rome, either; over his protests in fractured English, he said, they insisted that he had expressed a fear of returning to Italy and had asked for asylum.

Ms. Cooper, 23, who had promised to show her boyfriend another side of her country on this visit — meaning Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon — eventually learned that he had been sent in shackles to a rural Virginia jail. And there he remained for more than 10 days, locked up without charges or legal recourse while Ms. Cooper, her parents and their well-connected neighbors tried everything to get him out.

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