Rubbing Ross Douthat’s Face in the Dirt

The Phil Nugent Blog is one of my favorite reads at the moment, offering excellent analysis of movies and triple toe loop–triple axel caliber takedowns of political blatherers. Today’s piece, “Ugh! or, What Do You Mean ‘We,’ Straight Man” is dedicated to eviscerating New York Times columnist Ross Douthat for his recent column arguing that allowing gays to marry would, like, totally degrade the privileged status of heterosexual marriage.

But as the heterosexual possessor of a working penis, I have to tell you, I really, really hate it when guys cite the supposedly Darwinian inevitability that men can’t control their libidos and their dicks as a reason to fuck over women and gays. I hated it during the great “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” circle jerk of the early ’90s, when a conga line of military hacks took the position that, if gay men were allowed to serve alongside “regular” men, every barracks would turn into a bar scene from Cruising. And I didn’t like it any better a few years later, when there were a string of scandals related to women in the military being harassed and worse by some of those clean straight male servicemen, and the conga line started up again, this time with the hacks insisting that this is what just happens when men are forced to be in the same vicinity as women–it’s not as if their superiors could ever get them to control themselves.