Movie Trailer: The Entertainers

Longtime friends and FLYMF co-creators Nick Holle and Michael Zimmer have spent several years creating The Entertainers, a documentary exploring Peoria’s World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. This annual event brings together piano players and music lovers from throughout the country to crown the year’s top ragtime musician.

Beyond fast hands and outsized personalities, the movie offers a thoughtful look at ragtime itself, exploring how the style still captivates, even as it’s become a niche in the musical landscape.  They’ve just released a new trailer for the movie, which is definitely worth watching.

Both published in FLYMF’s Greatest Hits, Nick and Michael wrote more funny stuff than I can list here. Nick’s highlights include Catch Up, Cool Male, Nice Joe Nagelberg, Cellular Copperfield, Mother Loves One of These, Bob, Muzak My Eyes Out, eBay Feedback, My Lord and Savior, Salve the Savior, Anatomy of a Submission, and I Fly Delta. Michael’s all-time greats include The Future Is Now? and Uncle Donny and the Bear.