Angela Lovell – Blood Drunk

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a long time, but FLYMF alum Angela Lovell has published a young-adult vampire novel, “Blood Drunk.”

As she describes it on her website:

With summer waning quickly before the start of his senior year, a family emergency forces Blue Knightly to leave his small Midwest town and travel to New York City to locate his rebellious sister. From the morgue to Central Park to the underbelly of New York, he quickly discovers the big city is the least of his concerns as he reluctantly takes sides within a warring faction of vampires to unravel the mystery of his sister’s disappearance. In their underground world of abandoned subway tunnels, Blue finds himself falling for a femme fatale vampire whose vibe is seldom clear. Not knowing who to trust, Blue finds himself battling not only the undead, but his own heart, as the family crisis escalates and every decision could be his last.

I picked up a copy for my cousin for Christmas, and I look forward to ordering my own as soon as I can shake a few bucks together. I’m sure it’s extremely creative, dark and hilarious.

Angela’s very funny story, “I’ll Have My Rapist with a Side of Cranberry Sauce” was published in FLYMF’s Greatest Hits. Her other contributions to FLYMF include The Lawnballers, Never Judge An Artist By Her Vagina Dress (Or Lack Thereof), The Troll Made Me Do It and her excellent Whorescopes series.