Wayne Gladstone Does “Hate By Numbers” on Cracked.com

FLYMF alum Wayne Gladstone has done a humor-video series for Cracked.com, “Hate By Numbers,” offering funny rants about nonsense-plagued cable news programs. Sadly, the final installment, “HBN Says Goodbye,” appeared today.

While Wayne is taking a break from “Hate By Numbers” to focus on screenplays, you can still keep up with his latest news at his web site, Kafka Lives in Maine. The site includes the complete Hate By Numbers collection, other comedy videos, and links to his publications.

Among the latter is Wayne’s very funny work for FLYMF: New Ideas For Chris Hansen When He’s Done With To Catch A Predator, When George Lucas Gets His Hands On Other Blockbusters, Best Saturday Night Live Skits That Never Aired, and A Love Letter To Giardia Lamblia, The Parasite Formerly Living In My Small Intestine.