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This “Leonid Meteor Storm, 1833,” illustration from Vintage Printable looks pretty science fiction-y! Perfect accompaniment for a science fiction last lines quiz.

Think you know Dick…Adams or Asimov? Can you recite the Three Laws of Robotics or sum up the meaning of the life, universe and everything in a single number? Then this is the quiz for you! Try to match these science fiction last lines with the books that sent them into orbit.

Check Out These Sci-Fi Classics!

Want to know more about the books and science fiction last lines listed? Reveal the list below (they’re hidden to avoid giving away the answers!) and follow these affiliate links for an Amazon listing for each.

Science Fiction Last Lines Resources

NPR: Your Picks—Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books

Tor.com: Making Lists—Mindblowing SF By Women and People of Color

AbeBooks.com: 50 Essential Science Fiction Books

And, of course, my own misspent youth. :)


Header Photo, “Leonid Meteor Storm, 1833,” from Vintage Printable

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Bobby D. Lux in Pulp Metal Magazine

FLYMF alum Bobby D. Lux has a hard-boiled, beat-’em-up story published in Pulp Metal Magazine. “A Mister and His Destiny” is gritty, tough and worth the read!

Bobby was a longtime FLYMF contributor; he has a number of stories in FLYMF’s Greatest Hits. Bobby’s FLYMF work includes When The Camera Stopped Rolling, Mike Tyson Movie Reviews, O’Neill ‘Scopes’ An Early Career, Monkey Dance, Outrageous ClaimsIn Memorium, Adventures In Time Travel, The Worst Story Ever, Batman Begins By Superman, The Coreys, Tonto’s Shocking Discovery, Vegas Wedding, The Solution To America’s Problems, Superman Returns, The Pirates Of Swenxof, and “Sly” Nostalgia.