Stefan Schumacher

FLYMF alum Stefan Schumacher has published his debut novel, “Death by Strip Mall.” I’m looking forward to receiving my copy. Here’s the description that accompanies it:

“Both touching and hilarious.” Those are the words author T.C. Boyle used to describe Death By Strip Mall, a look at one man’s struggle against the modern world. One man’s choice between forgiveness and retribution. It is the story of a grown man’s encounters with love, strip malls, and a curious Fourth of July mating ritual. Max is a twenty-five-year-old man living at home with his mother. When he gets a surprise phone call from an old high school antagonist, asking forgiveness for something horrible that happened in the past, he is forced to reexamine his life. His underemployment. His undiagnosed allergy to the blinding lights of consumer America. His crippling neurotic vision of society. Set against the backdrop of the soulless America of strip malls, big box stores and chain restaurants, Max begins a quest for revenge and a way to accept the past. To attain peace, he must face his demons, and the decaying world around him.

Stefan’s work for FLYMF included I Love My Dingy Poppers.