Mushroom Madness 2

Anyone looking for a few days of browser-based mayhem should check out Mushroom Madness 2, a free, frantic Flash game designed by Silen Games. The quick-clicking gameplay has you use a variety of weapons–from baseball bat to rocket gun–to defend your mushroom patch from rampaging rabbits, hedgehogs, bears and birds. The action is fast and fun, and it’s easy to become immersed as you fend off waves of attackers.

Gameplay extends to survival and tower defense modes. The control can be a little frustrating at times–it’s hard to nail the slippery spiders, and it’s frustrating when your grove falls because you accidentally picked up a weaker weapon that you can’t drop until its out of ammo. But plentiful power-ups and short-burst chapters make this a great game to snack on.

Thanks to the AV Club’s Sawbuck Gamer feature for pointing this one out.

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