Mowing the Grassroots

“They didn’t keep the organization alive. They thought it was out there to use whenever they wanted to use it. But with constituents who feel like they’ve been part of a revolution — as ours did in ’80 and ’81 — you’ve got to feed them. You’ve got to make sure that they feel important.” Instead, says [former Reagan strategist Ed] Rollins, OFA “e-mailed them to death, but without any real steps to make them feel a part of the process, like they felt a part of the campaign.”

Rolling Stone has a great article, “No We Can’t,” on how Organizing for America, Obama’s key web/volunteer organization during theelection, was co-opted into the Democratic National Committee post-election, ultimately becoming toothless.

Edit: Charles Homan of Washington Monthly has an interesting article on the same subject, “The Party of Obama.”