About James Seidler

James Seidler is a writer living in Chicago. The founder and longtime editor of the humor site flymf.com, he’s now collecting rejection slips for his first novel. He has a master’s in professional writing with a concentration in fiction from the University of Southern California.


Full of funny, this 330-page compilation collects the very best of three years of humor from flymf.com

FLYMF’s Greatest Hits
Full of funny, this 330-page compilation collects the very best of three years of humor from flymf.com. Twenty-four contributors crack wise on everything from Matt Damon lookalikes to HPV, all in a collection that’s almost certainly too big for your bookshelf.

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Stories and Stuff

A Post-Melt Guide to Local Wildlife

The Morning News
The Great Gtzzby

Notre Dame Magazine
Out Past My Bedtime
My Kind Of Music


Rubber Bands and Inky Hands
Conclusions To Long-running Comic Strips
Confessions Of A List Junkie
The Unknown Oscars
New Year’s Night
Bush Family Christmas Letter
My Advice For The Graduates
Dhaka Ltd.
The Spot
Fights I’ve Lost
An Old-fashioned Game Of Telephone
My Letter To Me, A Real Gay Cowboy
Reading Lolita In Prison
Detective Dog: The Case Of The Missing Shoe
Tales From Chet Waggoner
What’s A Wallace To Do
Wyld Stallyns On Thorazine
Low Moments In P.R. History
A FLYMF Ghost Story
Leroy’s Movie Minute
The Fraternal Guard
Ghosts Of Sitcoms Past
Scenes From Behind The Counter At 7/11
Excerpts From Claus, Santa’s Unauthorized Biography
My Letter To Me, Social Security
Can’t You Look Deeper Than My Greatest Hit?
An American In Europe
My Letter To Me, The White Man
FLYMF Plan For America
An Idiot’s Guide To Excluding Idiots From Voting
Bugs: Man’s New Best Friend
Mad Libs For Modern Times
Seidler Killed Me
Road Pirate Trip Log
On Summer Vacation
Villains Are More Fun
On The Family Circus
Hell In A Bucket

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